German Language Training

German Language Training Course

Palium Skills offers training on foreign language courses in Kolkata and online through live trainers. Each language has different levels each more advanced than the other.

The certification and course details are as follows -

Besides, we also offer specific tuition for school/college students who have opted for this course as part of their syllabus.

The schools for which our teachers can offer guidance in the above languages are -

  • Calcutta Internatiional School
  • South City International School
  • Modern High School
  • Heritage International
  • Future Foundation School
  • Any other school where foreign languages are part of the syllabus

German courses are available for 3 levels - Beginner1, Beginner2 and Beginner3

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Course Description

The German Language program is designed to teach the participant to learn German Language course in a structured manner.
What skills will the student gain?
After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Learn the basics of the language.
  • ·   Learn the alphabets of the language.
  • ·   Be able to start conversing in the language
  • ·   Learn the grammatical nuances of the language.
  • ·   Be able to do basic conversations
  • ·   Prepare and get ready for the exam

Mode of Training

The language classes are delivered during Weekday or Weekend in classroom or online modes


The training is offered in locations like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and NCR.

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Schedule for Kolkata

Outside the country it is delivered in Dhaka, Thimpu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

The course outline delivered during the class is as follows -

Beginner 1 for Two months

Topics & Vocabulary:

  • Greetings and introductions
  • The alphabet
  • Personal information: name, address, telephone number, email address, age, marital status
  • Countries and nationalities
  • Professions.
  • Numbers 0-100
  • The family
  • Describing people
  • Colours
  • Formal and informal ways of addressing people


  • Number and gender
  • Articles: definite and indefinite
  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • Personal pronouns
  • Interrogative pronouns
  • Noun-adjective agreement
  • Present tense of basic verbs like ser, estar, trabajar, vivir, tener, llevar
  • Quantifiers: muy, bastante

Cultural Content:

  • The differences in the use of tú/usted and vosotros/ustedes between Spain and Latin American countries.
  • Cultural differences when meeting people.
  • Spanish language in the world.

Skills Work:

  • Lots of speaking
  • Lots of listening
  • Lots of pronunciation

Spanish Proficiency

  • A wide range of topics based around students’ own interests, could include topics of general interest: global issues, popular science, environment, media and advertising; culture and entertainment; beliefs and religions, etc.


Beginner 2 for Two months

Topics & Vocabulary:

  • Common everyday objects
  • Shopping
  • Numbers from 100
  • In the town
  • The house and furniture
  • Leisure activities and sports
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Public places in a town
  • The time
  • Days and months
  • Seasons and the weather


  • Indefinite articles
  • Demonstrative pronouns and articles
  • Question words (¿cuál?, ¿qué?, cuántos?, ¿dónde?, ¿cómo?, ¿por qué?)
  • Some uses of ser and estar
  • Hay (there is / there are)
  • Verb gustar
  • Quantifiers: mucho/a/os/as, bastante/s, poco/a/os/as
  • Prepositions
  • Muy – mucho
  • Llueve and nieva: present tense of the verbs to rain and to snow.

Cultural Content:

  • Housing in Spain
  • Latin-American music
  • Public places in Spain, opening times.
  • Geography in Latin-America

Skills Work:

  • Lots of speaking
  • Lots of listening
  • Lots of pronunciation


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Schedule for Advanced Excel Training in 2018 is as follows:
Month Dates No of Hours
January Completed
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August Completed 16
September 23rd, 30th, 7th, 14th 16
October TBA 16
November 4th - fast-track,6th - weekday 16
December 2nd - fast-track, 4th - weekday 16

Study Mode & Fees

Course Name Delivery Mode Fees Enroll & Pay
German Language - Level1 Regular Classroom Rs. 8,500 Enroll
German Language - Level1 Fast-track Classroom Talk to us --
German Language - Level2 Classroom Talk to us


The commonly asked questions pertaining to Export Import training are -

Q: What are the pre-requisites for taking this course?

A: Understanding of business concepts and deep desire to start a Export-Import business

Q: Will this be theoretical or hands-on?

A: This is a complete workshop where the trainer will share his rich and diverse experience in this domain.

Q: Will you help me to obtain a license?

A: Yes, we can help and separate fees are payable.

Q: Will you help me to create a website for my business?

A: Yes, we can help you create a web presence for your business. Separate charges apply.

Q: What if I have doubts after completing the class?

A: You can gather your doubts and come by prior appointment to get your doubts cleared.

Q: Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

A: No, an evaluation exam is not conducted at the end of the course.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for the course?

A: Yes, participants receive a certificate after completing the course provided they have attended 70% of the class.

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