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Python Classroom Training

Palium Skills offers classroom training in Kolkata and online courses on Application Programming courses like C++, Python and Unix/Linux  etc.

The Python course outline is as follows -

Installing Python

Installing Python In Windows

Writing Your First Program - Hello, World!

Entering And Running A Program In Windows

Exercise 1

Python Basic Data Types And Variables

Expressions, Statements, Variables

Working With Numbers

Working With Strings

Working With Booleans

Working With Lists

Working With Dictionaries

Working With Tuples

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Python Input/Output

Using The Print Function - Part 1

Using The Print Function - Part 2

Getting Input From The User

Exercise 1

Making Decisions - if Statements

The Relational Operators

The Logical Operators

Simple if Statement

if-else Statement

if-elif Statement

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

while Loops

Introduction To while Loops

Count-Controlled while Loops

Event-Controlled while Loops

Using continue

Using break

Working With Files - Part 1

Working With Files - Part 2

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

for Loops

Introduction To for Loops - Part 1

Introduction To for Loops - Part 2

for Loops With Lists

for Loops With Tuples

for Loops With Dictionaries

for Loops With Files

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


Understanding Iterators

Using iter And next

Iterators And Dictionaries

Other Iterators

Exercise 1

List Comprehensions

Introduction To List Comprehensions

Using List Comprehensions With Files

Exercise 1


Introduction To Functions - Why

Defining Functions

Calling Functions

Functions With Multiple Arguments

Predicate Functions

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

More On Functions

Recursive Functions - Part 1

Recursive Functions - Part 2

Function Objects

Anonymous Functions

Higher-Order Functions

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


Global Scope

Local Scope

Nested Scope

Exercise 1 - Part 1

Exercise 1 - Part 2


Using Built-In Modules

User-Defined Modules - Part 1

User-Defined Modules - Part 2

Module Namespaces

Exercise 1

Object-Oriented Programming - Part 1

Abstract Data Types

Designing A Class, Fields And Constructors

Designing A Class, Methods

Data Structure For Fields

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Object-Oriented Programming - Part 2

Creating A Derived Class - Part 1

Creating A Derived Class - Part 2

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exception Handling

Exceptions Demonstrated

Try-Except Statements

Try-Except-Finally Statements

The raise Statement

Exercise 1

Using Data Structures

Exercise 1 - Lists

Exercise 2 - Tuples

Exercise 3 - Dictionaries

Date Handling

Retrieve Time

Formatted Time

time module


Calendar module

Using Numpy for Data Science

The other programming language training details are as follows -

Course Name: C++/C Programming

Mode of Training: Classroom/Online

Duration: 30 hours

Download C++ Course Outline

Course Name: Python Programming

Mode of Training: Classroom

Duration: 30 hours

Download Python Course Outline

Course Name: Unix/Linux Programming & Shell Script

Mode of Training: Classroom

Duration: 30 hours

Download Unix Course Outline


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Palium recognizes the importance of a requirement for a participant. Once we confirm the class, then you can be sure that the class will be held even if there is only one person.

Who are we?

Palium is a training organization conducting trainings on Functional, Soft-Skills, IT and Project Management areas. We have conducted trainings for leading corporates like ITC, JUSCO, CMS and many others.

We also conduct trainings on Primavera P6, MS Project, PMP, Scrum Master, Agile and other Project Management related topics.

All our programs are confirmed to run once you register for a scheduled class. No minimum enrollment or waiting time.

Palium works with Infocareers, an approved REP of Project Management Institute.  Infocareer has conducted  numerous such programs and has helped individuals to achieve certification and work successfully in the Project Management domain.

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About the Faculty

The program will be conducted by an experienced PMP with many years of Project Management experience. He has helped numerous individuals to achieve PMP certification.