Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma Training Course

Our Lean Six Sigma training course will teach you the techniques in Six Sigma and its use in industries today. It is for professionals who have been trained on the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, and who lead or support improvement initiatives within the organization. The course is aligned to IASSC exam, integrates lean and DMAIC methodologies using case studies and real-life examples, and will give you the skills to empower your organization for continuous improvement:

Course Description

The Lean Six Sigma program is designed to lead the participant to understand how this works and to successfully work in this domain.

There are multiple courses available to fit the requirement of students and working Professionals.

1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is for students and professionals who want to understand Six Sigma concepts.

2. A more intense Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for those intending to pursue a career in this domain  

What skills will the student gain?
After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • ·   The principles and philosophy behind the Lean Six Sigma method
  • ·   • To gather data, and participate in problem solving
  • ·   • To apply statistical methods to improve business processes
  • ·   • Design and implement Six Sigma projects
  • ·   About the DMAIC process
  • ·   Root cause analysis and basic statistical analyses on process measurements
  • ·   To identify and control wasteful processes
  • ·   To evaluate daily activities, to reduce cycle times, and improve quality
  • ·   To evaluate problems, statistically and quantitatively
  • ·   Ability to Support and assist Black Belts
  • ·   Increase profitability using Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • ·   Prepare for the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam

Mode of Training

The Lean Six Sigma training is delivered in the following modes - Regular Classroom, Fast-track and Online live trainer


The training is offered in locations like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and NCR.

To know more about the schedules in those cities click here -->

Schedule for Kolkata

Outside the country it is delivered in Dhaka, Thimpu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

The course outline delivered during the class is as follows -

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma and Organizational Goals

What is Define Phase

What is Measure Phase

What is Analyze Phase

What is Improve Phase

What is Control Phase

About Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

About Lean Management


If you are located outside Kolkata or would like to attend our session during your visit to Kolkata then please feel free to write us at palium.skills@gmail.com for any queries related to program,
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Schedule for Lean Six Sigma Training in 2018-19 is as follows:
Month Dates Duration
November 24th, 25th November 2018 2 days
December 29th, 30th December 2018 2 days
January 2019 26th, 27th January 2019 2 days
February 2019 23rd, 24th February 2019
March 30th, 31st March 2019
April Completed
May Completed
June Completed
July Completed
August 26th Aug (Fast-track) 30
September 4th - weekday, 23rd - fast-track 30
October TBA 30

Study Mode & Fees

Course Name Delivery Mode Fees Special Offers
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Classroom Rs. 15,000+ 18% GST Discount for 3+ enrollments
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Classroom Call us Discount for 3+ enrollments
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Online - Live Trainer Rs. 15,000+ 18% GST Discount for 3+ enrollments


The commonly asked questions pertaining to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training are -

Q: What are the pre-requisites for taking the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course?

There are no requisites for this course are

Q: Will this be theoretical or hands-on?

A: This is a complete hands-on training where the trainer will explain, demonstrate and discuss implementation of Lean Six Sigma course and participants will follow and do the same.

Q: Will I need to get the software?

A: There is no need for any software.

Q: What if I have doubts after completing the class?

A: You can gather your doubts and come by prior appointment to get your doubts cleared.

Q: Is there any official Certification Exam?

A: No, there is no Certification Exam. The course prepares you for the IASSC exam details of which will be shared during the training

Q: Will I receive a certificate for the course?

A: Yes, participants receive a certificate after completing the course provided they have attended 90% of the class.

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