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Coreldraw Training Course

Our Graphic Designing using Coreldraw Course is delivered in classroom and online batches held on weekdays and weekends. Batches are held in regular class-room and fast-track mode.

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Course Description

The Coreldraw program is designed to lead the participant to understand how this works and to successfully work in this domain.

There are multiple courses available to fit the requirement of students and working Professionals.

1. Coreldraw Course on weekends.

2. Coreldraw Classroom Training on weekdays  

3. Coreldraw Classroom Training in Kolkata - fast-track 

What skills will the student gain?
After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • ·   Understand what is Coreldraw features and its use
  • ·   Use of different brush styles
  • ·   Use of Layers
  • ·   Use of different styles
  • ·   Use of features to retouch pictures
  • ·   Use of filters and drawing tools
  • ·   Handle different controls on a Webpage
  • ·   Printing final pictures
  • ·   Designing finer points to enhance picture quality
  • ·   Processing of Digital Photographs and enhancement

Mode of Training

The Coreldraw training is delivered in the following modes - Regular Classroom, Fast-track and Online live trainer


The training is offered in locations like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and NCR.

To know more about the schedules in those cities click here -->

Schedule for Kolkata

Outside the country it is delivered in Dhaka, Thimpu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

The course outline delivered during the class is as follows -


  1. The Coreldraw Screen
  2. Getting to know the Tools & Palettes
  3. Using guides, grids and rulers
  4. Navigation and Zoom shortcuts


  1. CorelDRAW overview
  2. Navigating within a document
  3. Show/hide palettes
  4. Using Zoom & Viewing modes

Creating basic objects

  1. Using the drawing tools
  2. Drawing rectangles, circles,polygons & lines
  3. Setting object fills & outlines
  4. Copying object attributes

Manipulating objects

  1. Select/Move/Resize objects
  2. Rotate & skew objects
  3. Altering the pivot point
  4. Copying objects
  5. Group and lock
  6. Changing the stacking order

Working with text

  1. Artistic vs paragraph text
  2. Adding & Formatting artistic text
  3. Adding paragraph text
  4. Setting paragraph options
  5. Using Spell check
  6. Using Find and Replace
  7. Importing text

Aids to accuracy

  1. Customising the ruler & grid
  2. Using snap-to
  3. Moving the zero point
  4. Moving the ruler
  5. Specifying precise object parameters

Creating complex objects

  1. Creating b├ęzier curves
  2. Using Tools: - shape, freehand,knife & eraser
  3. Reshaping paths
  4. Converting text to paths
  5. Combining objects

Images and clipart

  1. Importing bitmaps & clipart
  2. Inserting symbols
  3. Creating symbols
  4. Crop/Edit/Export Bitmaps


  1. Fit Text To Path
  2. Transforming objects with envelopes
  3. Creating blends
  4. Drop shadows
  5. The artistic media tool
  6. Adding perspective
  7. Extruding objects
  8. Lens effects
  9. Applying PowerClips


  1. Choosing the right file format
  2. Printing documents
  3. Setting print options
  4. Creating print styles
  5. Using the Print Merge Wizard
  6. Exporting


If you are located outside Kolkata or would like to attend our session during your visit to Kolkata then please feel free to write us at for any queries related to program,
upcoming schedule and fee. Call: +91-9051092035 or WhatsApp: +91-9051092035

Schedule for Coreldraw Training in 2019 is as follows:
Month Dates Type Status
January --
February 17th Feb Classroom Full
March 2nd Mar Weekend Classroom Enrollment going on
April 14th Weekend Classroom Enrollment going on
May 3rd week Online
June 3rd week Classroom
July 3rd week Online
August 3rd week Classroom
September 3rd week Online
October 3rd week Classroom
November 3rd week Online
December 3rd week Classroom

Study Mode & Fees

Course Name Delivery Mode Fees Special Offers
Coreldraw - Regular Class Classroom Rs. 8,000+ 18% GST Discount for 3+ enrollments
Coreldraw - Fast-track Class Classroom Rs. 10,000 + 18% GST Discount for 3+ enrollments
Coreldraw Online Training Online Live Trainer Rs. 8,000 + 18% GST Discount for 3+ enrollments at same time
Coreldraw + Illustrator + InDesign Classroom Rs. 26,000 + 18% GST Discount for 3+ enrollments
Coreldraw - Advanced Class Classroom Rs. 10,000+ 18% GST Discount for 3+ enrollments


The commonly asked questions pertaining to Coreldraw training are -

Q: What are the pre-requisites for taking the Coreldraw course?

The requisites for this course are

A: Basic computer knowledge is required

Knowledge of general Graphic Designing concepts

Palium offers separate courses for the above. If one desires to learn more intensely then they can enroll for the same.

Q: Will this be theoretical or hands-on?

A: This is a complete hands-on training where the trainer will demonstrate each feature and participants will follow and do the same on their system.

Q: How will I get access to the system?

A: After you enroll, you will be guided on how to access the system.

Q: Where will I get the software?

A: No. You will need to arrange software for your use

Q: What if I have doubts after completing the class?

A: You can gather your doubts and come by prior appointment to get your doubts cleared.

Q: Is there any official Certification Exam?

A: Yes, one can appear for the Adobe Certification Exam

Q: Will I receive a certificate for the course?

A: Yes, participants receive a certificate after completing the course provided they have attended 90% of the class.

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