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Export Import Training Course

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Course Description

The Export Import program is designed to lead the participant to work successfully as a Exporter in the growing Export business.
What skills will the student gain?
After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Negotiate a profitable sales contract with your international customers.
  • ·   Select the proper terms for your company.
  • ·   Properly classify your products to comply with different regulations
  • ·   Make sure you get paid in a timely fashion.
  • ·   Prepare the proper export documents to ensure you get government benefits
  • ·   Comply with current Indian export regulations

Mode of Training

The Export Import training is delivered in Weekend classroom mode only


The training is offered in locations like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and NCR.

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Schedule for Kolkata

Outside the country it is delivered in Dhaka, Thimpu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

The course outline delivered during the class is as follows -

  • How to start Export Import Firm in India
  • How to select a product for new export business?
  • How Export Import Business opportunities in India?
  • How to get Export Order from the Overseas?
  • Tips for successful export business
  • Tips for exporter on documentation
  • How many types of Import in India?
  • Export Payment terms
  • How to secure export payment and early realise from foreign buyer?
  • Common INCOTERMS in International Business
  • Export Incentive from the Govt Bodies
  • Export Planning & Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Export Payment terms.
  • Export Documentation requirements
  • Export Benefit from the respective Govt.Bodies
  • Export Import Policy
  • Export Packing Credit
  • Third party export
  • Shipping and Packaging
  • Export Import rules
  • Details presentation on Foreign Exchange Development Regulation Act-1992
  • ECGC formalities
  • How to protect Foreign Exchange Fluctuation risk in export import business?
  • Importance of LC

Faculty: Mr. A.N.Banerjee

The program will be conducted by Mr. A. N. Banerjee, a renowned International Trade consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in this area. Over the years, he has worked with numerous corporates in this domain and is presently engaged in providing consultation on International Trade to different entities.

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Schedule for Advanced Excel Training in 2018 is as follows:
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Study Mode & Fees

Course Name Delivery Mode Fees Enroll & Pay
Export Import Training Classroom Rs. 6,100 Enroll
Policy Changes in Export Import Trade Policy of India Online live trainer Talk to us --


The commonly asked questions pertaining to Export Import training are -

Q: What are the pre-requisites for taking this course?

A: Understanding of business concepts and deep desire to start a Export-Import business

Q: Will this be theoretical or hands-on?

A: This is a complete workshop where the trainer will share his rich and diverse experience in this domain.

Q: Will you help me to obtain a license?

A: Yes, we can help and separate fees are payable.

Q: Will you help me to create a website for my business?

A: Yes, we can help you create a web presence for your business. Separate charges apply.

Q: What if I have doubts after completing the class?

A: You can gather your doubts and come by prior appointment to get your doubts cleared.

Q: Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

A: No, an evaluation exam is not conducted at the end of the course.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for the course?

A: Yes, participants receive a certificate after completing the course provided they have attended 70% of the class.

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